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Welcome to the recycling bin for my random and sometimes academic curiosities.

I am a techno anthropologist studying culture in online games. I retired from my role as the Team Captain of the Frag Dolls (an all-female professional gaming team) in 2011 to daylight as the eSports Maven for Red 5 Studios, the makers of Firefall.

Gamers know me as Rhoulette.

For more about my research, see Games, Virtual Worlds, and CyberSociality, a group in Computer and Information Science, Social Sciences, Design on Mendeley.

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I’ve seen him on the boardwalk before, but never fully appreciated him. Next time I’m feeling blue, I’m gonna go hang out with Slomo. 

P.S. My dad was a neurology intern in Atlanta with Slomo, and my parents went to his wedding. What a funny little world we live in.

This has been making the rounds already, but I have to post it because it represents an odd/special use of social media that tickles my digital anthro funny bone in a way I haven’t wrapped my brain around yet. Something about social media as a strange social space/time warp.

Advisor: You still need your language req.
Me: Ugh… What about a programming language?
Advisor: A language spoken by humans.
Me: It’s spoken by humans to machines!
Advisor: Ha. Yeah! It is! Don’t hold your breath for that.
Me: *pout* My spanish is muy terrible.
This is not so much a question, but a message of admiration and respect. You were always my favorite frag doll due to your enthusiastic attitude and beautiful red hair. Whether or not these words get to you isn't any of my concern, I've said what I came to say. Best of luck with your future plans and keep on gaming, we may meet online someday and I won't show any mercy due to you being a woman. Goodbye.
rhoulette rhoulette Said:

Hi! I’m not sure how long ago you sent this, so I apologize for the delay. 

Thank you for your extremely sweet words! You just made my day. :)

Keep on gaming! Hope to see you online. :)

Inside the Steam Machine: Valve’s Grand Plan for PC Gaming Dominance (nice write-up, @GameLife!)

The Death of Skeuomorphism: iOS 7 showing an evolution of our social tech imaginary.

The Internet in 60 Seconds. One explanation for where so much of our time goes and why being online can kill most kinds of productivity.